Julie's story

After giving birth to a baby boy in 2001, Julie struggled to keep up with her active child. At 17.8 stone and suffering with high blood pressure as a result, she was unable to exercise and her life insurance was revoked. 

 In order to be a good mother to her growing boy and to regain her health, Julie took action and underwent a gastric band procedure.

Julie’s interest in food began after she had a tonsillectomy at the age of 10. She started to enjoy food after years of not being able to taste it. Her weight gradually escalated, but she managed to control it through regular dieting throughout early adulthood. However, at the birth of her son, this all changed. Despite becoming an active helper at Weight Watchers in 2004, Julie struggled to keep the weight off.

Julie began to investigate weight loss surgery after watching a television documentary on it. After extensive research, Julie started searching for a local hospital that provided extensive aftercare support. She contacted BMI Chelsfield Park Hospital and arranged an appointment with bariatric specialist, Mr Midhat Siddiqui.

She underwent a gastric band procedure by keyhole surgery on the 23rd August 2005.

As the operation was only minimally invasive, Julie was able to return home the following day. She had regular access to a nurse specialist, who provided her with dietary advice and regular band adjustments. Julie has lost 6 stones 4lbs and has dropped ten dress sizes since the operation. At size 12, she can now buy the clothes she has long admired, and she now has more energy to be a good mother.