Kelly's story

A nurse by profession, Kelly Garfoot knew the risks of being overweight. It wasn’t until her Body Mass Index (BMI) was calculated and she was told that if she continued eating the way she did, she would reduce her life expectancy by nine years, that she decided to take action.

At 14 years old, Kelly started suffering from muscular joint pain, which she was told would inevitably lead to arthritis. She was referred to a dietician and put on a diet, which was the beginning of her complex relationship with food. In public, Kelly would restrict her food intake, but behind closed doors, she would binge eat. At 18 stone, she tried a chronology of diets and was even prescribed slimming pills, but nothing helped her to shift the weight long-term.

Kelly started to suffer from back problems and after consulting her GP she was told that if she didn’t lose weight, she wouldn’t be able to continue working as a nurse. This propelled her into action and she immediately got in contact with her local BMI hospital. She had a gastric band fitted in May 2005 through keyhole surgery and was given a diet which gradually introduced her to solid foods. Kelly returned to work the following month.

By Christmas 2005, Kelly had lost four stone and for the first time, was able to enjoy a shopping outing with her mum. Her back pain has now all but vanished, and she can exercise without the fear of having an asthma attack. Kelly has since lost a further 6 stone and her confidence has soared.