Liz's story

Liz has always been an active sportswoman, competing at county league hockey and division one tennis at the early age of 18. As the years crept by, Liz steadily put on weight and found that she would easily tire during and after competitive matches.

The pressure on her joints would build up to such an extent that she found that she couldn’t move easily the day after a match. Her GP warned her that if this continued, it would lead to arthritis, which would almost certainly mean that she would have to give up sport for good.

At 18 stone and the threat of the loss of her active lifestyle, Liz was determined to reduce her weight. She tried a host of diets including Weight Watchers, Slimming World and the Atkins diet, all of which failed to deliver the results that Liz wanted. She found that she put in so much effort for very little gain.

As a self-employed physiotherapist, Liz carried out contract work for BMI Healthcare and it was here that she discovered a more permanent solution to her weight and health problems. After a consultation with bariatric surgeon Shaun Appleton at the BMI Shelburne Hospital in High Wycombe, she underwent a gastric banding procedure in June 2005. The procedure was performed by key hole surgery which greatly reduced any post-operative pain.

After her surgery, Liz was provided with a strict dietary plan starting with soup and progressing to mince and mashed potato. Her weight came off gradually and she has now lost four stone and two pounds. She now has boundless energy and enjoys playing tennis for two clubs and can put her health problems behind her.