Lorraine's story

Ceroc dancing fan Lorraine Dodd from Northampton, says her confidence has been boosted after losing seven stone, following a gastric band operation at Three Shires Hospital in the summer of 2008.

With a family history of cancer, forty-three year old Lorraine was conscious of the increased health risks associated with being overweight. She decided to go ahead with surgery after two years of investigating the procedure online and found a lot of information about the surgery on the BMI website.

After having an in-depth consultation with her surgeon, Mr Guy Finch, Lorraine set about losing some weight by herself, in order to show her commitment to getting fitter.

Before her gastric band operation, Lorraine had to undertake a pre-op diet for 10-11 days to shrink her liver. Following the surgery, she had two weeks off work but her recovery was very quick and she began to lose weight almost immediately. After five or six days, she was able to drive again.

Lorraine is delighted by her boost in confidence since the “huge change” in her life. She no longer suffers with high blood pressure or problems with her knees, and can’t wait to be noticed when she steps outside! Prior to her weight loss, Lorraine wouldn’t even wear perfume so as not to get herself noticed.

Lorraine now has bags of energy and looks forward to exercising which includes walking, swimming and attending a gym, and can now Ceroc all night long, all year round instead of just a few dances between the cooler months of October and April.

By selling her old plus-size clothes online, Lorraine was able to fund an entire new wardrobe to accommodate her slimmer figure. In the sales text Lorraine mentioned the reason for the sale was because of her dramatic weight loss and she was surprised to receive lots of enquiries from potential buyers, asking for details of her surgery.

Lorraine would recommend gastric band surgery to others, but her advice is to consider it very carefully, especially as it has an impact on your day-to-day life and advises people to do their research. She would recommend Mr Finch as a consultant, since he was very honest about the pros and cons of surgery. She also felt that he showed real concern for her mental and emotional welfare prior to the procedure. Lorraine praised Mr Finch’s approachability and found him to be an extremely likeable surgeon!