Nichola's story

Diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at 21 and suffering from chronic back pain, depression and infertility as a result of her weight (23.5 stone), Nichola’s life was bleak.

That was until she decided to take her future into her own hands and undergo a gastric bypass procedure. She lost over 11.6 stone and has just given birth to her first child.

29 year old Nichola’s weight has risen gradually since she was a teenager. She tried every diet, but after each failed, her confidence took another knock and she would turn to food for comfort. Her GP prescribed slimming pills that had a small degree of success, but she would constantly battle with stomach pain. After leaving work due to poor health and being told that she wouldn’t be able to conceive naturally, Nichola spiralled into depression. The diagnosis of a close friend with cancer helped her to see that she could take back control of her life.

Nichola had heard of weight loss surgery through the press and conducted her own research before contacting her local BMI hospital, the Thornbury Hospital in Sheffield. Together with the surgeon and a dietician, Nichola chose to have a gastric bypass procedure. She attended support groups before and after the surgery and met lots of similarly minded people who she could share her experiences with. Her surgery took place in August 2006 and she spent just three days in hospital. 

Almost immediately, Nichola’s insulin levels returned to normal and she no longer needed her cocktail of pills to help reduce her cholesterol and high blood pressure. Her oestrogen levels decreased and she began to ovulate more regularly, subsequently increasing her chances of natural conception. Six months after her surgery, she was told that she could start trying for a baby. Within a matter of months, Nichola was pregnant. She gave birth to Alexandra Wallace on the 28th December 2007.