Suzie's story

Bridal retail owner Suzie Partridge from Bath is today enjoying life nine stone lighter after undergoing a gastric band operation at the BMI Bath Clinic. 

Suzie, 46, had the procedure in November 2006, losing the weight in a two-year period. After the birth of her grandson, Suzie realised that her weight, a generous 21 stone (294 pounds) and associated health issues would make it difficult for her to play freely with her grandchild.

“I used to get out of breath just talking to people. Exercise was out of the question as I was too big to even walk any distance without discomfort,” said Suzie. “Everyday life had to be thought out and planned. Even if we were going to a café or restaurant I would map out the best route from the door to the table so I wouldn’t have to pass through small gaps between chairs.”

Like 1 in 4 adults in the UK, Suzie had battled with obesity for years. She had tried all the usual diets hoping to find a miracle cure but never found her solution. After many fruitless attempts, Suzie turned to the internet. Her research led her to the BMI Healthcare Weight Loss Surgery website, where she booked in for her first consultation with consultant bariatric surgeon, Mr Richard Krysztopik.

“Suzie was a good candidate for gastric band surgery as she was suffering health problems due to her size. I’m delighted to see what a positive impact this has had on her life. This procedure can be a very good option for those people who have not been able to lose weight through diet and exercise and who wish to lead happier and healthier lives,” commented Mr Krysztopik.

At her new weight, Suzie leads a more active, carefree lifestyle, completing many activities she wouldn’t have attempted before she had had the surgery. She has completed the 10k Bristol Sun Walk in a pink bra to fundraise for breast cancer, went horse riding and scuba diving in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and has even jumped 14,000ft out of a plane with her daughter. Best of all, Suzie can now sit on the floor and play trains for hours with her grandson.

“Now I enjoy everything that involves moving around, aerobics, salsa, going to see live bands, the list is endless,” said Suzie “I spent so long watching others have fun when I was overweight, I’m delighted that I can now experience it myself.”

“This operation has changed my life. It was a really big decision to make but I had the support of my friends, family and, of course, Mr Krysztopik and the team at the BMI Bath Clinic. They were wonderful and very helpful, giving me all the information I needed to make the right decision.”