Tracy's story

Tracy has suffered from back pain for much of her life after an accident as a child. She was told that she would need to do regular exercise in order to reduce the strain on her back. However, Tracy found the regime too painful and began to medicate herself with food. She steadily began to gain weight which only exasperated her back problem.

Having been referred to a nutritionist from an early age, Tracy became frustrated with yo-yo dieting and the lack of control she felt that she had over her body. With her back problems becoming more acute, Tracy was forced to take time off work to recover. After an unsuccessful back operation, she found that she couldn’t move without support. She was told that she would have to lose weight before she could undergo a further operation.

At 29 stone and having to take morphine to alleviate her chronic back pain, she decided that her weight was something that she could control. Tracy was referred to Roger Ackroyd at The BMI Thornbury Hospital in Sheffield and had a gastric bypass procedure in June 2004. For Tracy, surgery was only the beginning. As obesity is an emotional as well as physical disease, Tracy had to arm herself with the tools necessary to adapt her mindset.

Supported by her mother, Tracy did a lot of research and slowly changed her lifestyle. She does more regular exercise, which has significantly alleviated the pressure on her back and she is happier now than she has ever been. To date Tracy has lost 14.5 stone. She can now enjoy life and plan for her future.