Support groups

The value of meeting other people who share a common interest with you is demonstrated in all aspects of life, even more so when it relates to a health matter. 

It's reassuring to meet others who've gone through the same experience as you, to share and learn from each other.

At BMI Healthcare, we believe that patient support groups are an essential part of our obesity surgery programme and we work closely with BOSPA (British Obesity Surgery Patients Association) to establish and run a national network of patient support groups at our hospitals. These are run in addition to the one- to- one dietician care you receive for the first year after your surgery.

Research has shown that in centres where there is a good support service, including an active support group, obesity surgery outcomes are better. Attending a patient support group is a major contributor to achieving an individual's long term healthy weight loss and health improvement goals, helping to ensure that your investment in surgery is worth it.

Our patient support groups are open to patients who’ve had surgery at BMI Hospitals. We also welcome prospective patients and their families, who may be considering surgery but need more information and advice before making a final decision.

Our support groups:

  • Inform and educate prospective patients and their families about all aspects of obesity surgery (e.g types of surgery and the process involved)
  • Support patients following surgery to help them reach their weight loss and health improvement targets - celebrate successes and support each other
  • Our support groups are run by patients, for patients and are supported by our health professional teams at each hospital.

There is no charge to attend our support groups, so if you would like to find out where your nearest meeting is being held, call the number given for your chosen hospital, or call our advisors on 0800 051 5030 or complete the enquiry form.