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BMI has committed to supporting the global movement, putting disability on the business leadership agenda.

The Valuable 500 is a global movement that calls for influential businesses to champion disability inclusion in the workplace, believing that inclusive businesses create inclusive societies.

BMI Healthcare has signed up to become one of the 500 companies helping to promote and celebrate the value of the 1.3 billion people living with disabilities worldwide.

BMI Healthcare’s pledge

At BMI we will invest in, and nurture, a positive leadership culture that encourages freedom to think and freedom to act and, above all, freedom to see opportunities based on ability not disability.

From the boardroom to the hospital we will continue to challenge ourselves to be more inclusive, ensuring we commit to discussing disability issues at every level free from fear and prejudice.

With this culture and support at all levels we will:

  • Develop new ways to attract and train people who are living with disabilities.
  • Make reasonable adjustments to ensure that our existing talent who may be living with a disability are provided with the same breadth of opportunities as employees and candidates without disability. This ‘fair for all’ approach will form the basis of how we treat and develop our workforce.
  • Seek to provide creative ways of removing barriers to employment whether they be physical or non-physical impediments. Again, we will create a ‘freedom to overcome’ approach throughout our organisation’s decision making.

Finally, we will for the first time in our history, find opportunities to sponsor projects and awards focused on disability.

We are committed to building an organisation in which opportunity comes with ability, there is neither prejudice nor favour, and every individual’s needs are met and supported in a way that makes their working life as enriched and as fulfilling as it can be.

Our policies support equality; our people are encouraged to respect each other and appreciate that discrimination on any basis, including disability, plays no part in anything that we do or decision we make.

Karen Prins, Chief Executive Officer and David Cooper, Director of Human Resources

Further information

Businesses cannot be truly inclusive if disability is continuously ignored on leadership agendas - Caroline Casey. Founder, The Valuable 500