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Contact Us

Our contact details are accessible via the site wide drop-down. Simply scroll over 'Enquire' at the top right hand side of the screen from any page for access to our National Enquire Centre phone number, Email enquiry and booking forms, and Live Chat.

Searching on our site

Predictive search

Searching on our website is now easier, and more intuitive. Simply begin typing and our new search engine will immediately begin interrogating our database to make suggestions on what it anticipates you're searching for. Search for any treatment, hospital or a consultant, select it from the drop-down list, and click the magnifying glass to be taken straight to that page.



MyBMI is a new password-protected, encrypted, personal account. In it, you can store important information such as details of your BMI hospital appointments, save pages of interest from across our site; pay your bills, and create and manage your email preferences.

We take appropriate organisational and technical security measures to protect any of your personal information that we hold. Any personal information you transmit to the BMI Healthcare website, in particular MyBMI, is held on secure servers and encrypted.

Simple registration for your MyBMI account

Registration is quick and easy. Simply follow the guidelines below to create a strong 8 character password that you should not reveal to anyone.

  • At least eight characters long.
  • Does not contain your user name or a company name.
  • Does not contain a complete dictionary word.
  • Contains characters from each of the following four groups:

    Password characters
    Group Character
    Upper case letters A, B, C
    Lower case letters a, b, c
    Numerals 0, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10
    Non-alphabetical ` ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ + - = { } | \ : " ; ' < > ? , . /

MyBMI - Your appointment

My BMI - your appointment

Once registered you will be able to enter and save details of your next appointment at a BMI Healthcare hospital*. You can:

  • Choose the save the hospital where your appointment is.
  • Choose and save the time and date of your appointment.
  • Add and save any notes you want to make relating to your appointment
  • Save your appointment directly to your personal calendar and access from your desktop or mobile device

* Your appointment details can only be entered by, and visible to yourself.

MyBMI - Save pages

During your session on the website you have the option of saving treatment, consultant or hospital pages of interest to:

  • Quickly locate and view pages from your previous site visits.
    My BMI - saved pages
  • Print your saved pages as PDFs.
    My BMI - saved searches

MyBMI - Your preferences

My BMI - preferences

Manage your email marketing preferences with a choice from Health Matters articles, to treatment related areas of interest.

MyBMI - Pay your bills

My BMI - your bills

If you've had treatment at a BMI Hospital you can pay your bills quickly and securely through the MyBMI portal. The security of your details is essential, and will be stored safely within our your MyBMI portal.

Mobile friendly

Tablet and mobile friendly

Bookmark the site on your mobile device to browse on the go. The web pages, and elements on the page and will resize and adjust to the size of the screen on your device, making it as easy to navigate in transit as sitting in front of a computer.