Personal profile

Dr Holt is a Consultant Physician at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital where he is Deputy Medical Director for Specialty Medicine and Surgery. Andrew sees patients with Gastroenterological problems and has a particular interest in liver diseases (including cirrhosis) and upper GI & Hepatobiliary endoscopy. He holds regular NHS clinics at hospitals in Birmingham, Hereford, Gloucester and the Isle of Man.

As well as seeing patients with general complaints like indigestion, abnormal liver tests and dyspepsia, Andrew specialises in liver and pancreas disease, including fatty liver, viral hepatitis and less common conditions (e.g. Haemochromatosis, PBC, PSC and AIH). He also looks after patients with primary liver (HCC) and pancreas cancer. His clinic offers upper GI endoscopy and FibroScan™ examination of the liver – a painless & non-invasive means of measuring scarring and damage without recourse to biopsy. NICE ( recommend that people at risk of liver disease should have FibroScan™ testing to assess for liver damage as scarring doesn’t show up on standard blood tests.

Dr Holt uses blood serum markers (enhanced liver fibrosis test - ELF) to assess the risk of cirrhosis in fatty liver disease and performs his ERCP lists at the Liver Unit. He has access to guided liver biopsy, EUS and treatments for liver cancer (HCC) and cholangiocarcinoma. He works closely with surgical colleagues at the Liver Unit to offer a holistic care plan for patients with liver, biliary and pancreas disease, including transplantation.

Dr Holt is registered with the GMC as a Consultant Physician practicing in General Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology. 

Clinical Interests 

  • Endoscopy
  • ERCP
  • FibroScan
  • Viral hepatitis
  • Cirrhosis
  • Liver Fibrosis
  • Fatty and diabetic liver disease
  • Hemochromatosis
  • Liver biopsy
  • Blood tests for live scarring
  • Liver and pancreas cancers
  • Liver transplantation
  • Alfa pump

Professional Memberships

  • Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (London)
  • Member of the British Association for Study of the Liver (BASL)
  • British Liver Transplant Group
  • International Liver Transplant Group (ILTG)
  • European Association for the Study of the Liver
  • British Viral Hepatitis Group
  • Medical Association for Alcohol research (MAA)


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