NHS England Patients

What you've been waiting for. Your NHS treatment at a private hospital

In partnership with the NHS England e-Referral Service (Choose and Book), you can now choose to have your NHS treatment* at a BMI Healthcare hospital. When your GP decides that you need to see a specialist for further treatment, you will be offered treatment from a list of hospitals or clinics. The e-Referral Service allows you to choose the time, date and hospital or clinic for your required treatment.

At present the e-Referral Service does not cover NHS patients in Scotland or Wales.

Ask your GP if you can have your NHS treatment at a BMI Healthcare hospital.

If you choose to have your NHS treatment at one of our hospitals in England, all of the costs are covered by the NHS.  You only pay for extra personal items, just as you would in any NHS hospital.

In a BMI hospital you will also benefit from the same specialist care offered in the NHS with the addition of:

  • Fast access to a consultant opinion
  • Continuity of care with the same consultant caring for you throughout your treatment
  • Treatment within a 18-week referral to treatment pathway
  • Comfortable private facilities with en-suite, TV and room service
  • Excellent record of infection prevention and control

You will also have the reassurance of having consistent, high quality care, with 99% of our NHS patients being either extremely likely or likely to recommend the hospital to their friends and family**

Comparing Hospitals and NHS Waiting Lists

It is important to have all the information before making a decision on what's best for you and your health care.

The choices include paying for yourself, using your medical insurance or waiting for the NHS to treat you. 

Comparing Hospitals

When your GP has confirmed that you need a treatment, you have the right to choose which hospital or clinic to go to for your outpatient appointment.  This choice is a legal right and if you are not offered choice at the point of referral you should discuss the options available to you with your GP or the GP Practice Staff.

Selecting the hospital that best suits your needs is an important decision and the NHS Choices website can provide you with information to help you choose, along with feedback from patients who have received care at that hospital or clinic. 

Booking an appointment

Once your GP has decided you need to be referred to a hospital/consultant, the way you book your appointment will depend on your local area and GP surgery; however, your options are likely to be:

  • Your GP or other practice staff will book your appointment for you while you are in the surgery
  • You can contact the NHS Telephone Appointments Line on 0345 608 8888 with your Unique Booking Reference Number (UBRN), which is given to you by your GP on your appointment request letter
  • Visit the NHS e-Referral Service website so  you can book online yourself with your UBRN

Once your appointment is booked

Once you have selected your hospital and suitable appointment details, you will receive a letter from BMI Healthcare confirming the details of where you need to go for your appointment, and any instructions you may need to follow in preparation of your appointment. A copy will also be sent to your GP.

Frequently asked questions

Can I be treated at the weekend?
Yes. Some outpatient appointments and some admissions can take place at the weekend. Times will vary depending on the type of treatment you are having and weekend appointments are more likely if you can be flexible about the location of your treatment.

Can children be referred to BMI Healthcare for NHS Treatment?
No. Children under 18 years are not permitted under the terms of e-Referral.

Will there be a record of my treatment?
Yes. When you are discharged, a letter will be sent to your GP detailing the treatment you have received and the intended follow up plans. You will also receive a copy of this letter.

* Not all NHS treatments are available at BMI hospitals. Please visit www.nhs.uk for a full list of treatments.

** Based on a sample of NHS patients completing a questionnaire during April 2016.

BMI Healthcare has published the following in compliance with the NHS Standard Contract: