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Going private

Reading the step by step guide

Your step-by-step guide to paying for yourself

Everything you need to know about accessing private healthcare by paying for yourself

Your step-by-step guide to paying for yourself

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Patient with nurse

The benefits of private healthcare

Treatment without the wait and specialist aftercare in a comfortable environment, plus other key benefits

The benefits of private healthcare

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Holding hands

Your BMI experience

Learn more about what to expect from your private healthcare experience with BMI

Your BMI experience

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Latest blog posts

woman walks dog in park

How to get fit by walking

Walks have become an important way to catch up with loved ones and stay healthy during the pandemic. We talk more about how to get fit by walking, including: steps to staying motivated, key benefits and useful apps to fuel your fitness journey.
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Man wth cap stretches on orange matt

5 gentle lower back stretches

While the impact of back pain on daily life is testing, there are gentle lower back stretches you can try to experience relief. We share these to guide your first stretch session...

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Mediterranean food

How does a Mediterranean diet combat joint pain?

Arti Dhokia, Advanced Dietitian and Dietetic Lead at Circle Rehabilitation Birmingham, discusses The Mediterranean Diet and whether it helps combat joint pain and weight issues.
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Important vaccinations for your newborn

The NHS recommends vaccinating your newborn against diseases such as measles, rubella, tetanus and meningitis. The first vaccine is recommended at eight weeks.  The vaccinations that follow after are given at 12 weeks, 16 weeks and 12 months. We share important information about vaccinating your newborn.

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Girl clutching pillow in pain

Painsomnia: falling asleep with chronic pain

Painsomnia describes the vicious cycle of chronic pain and no sleep. We shine a spotlight on the condition, and talk more about methods for coping with painsomnia.

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Girls cheers with shot glasses

Binge drinking: how it disrupts your menstrual health

When it comes to alcohol, you might be aware of the negative impact that binge drinking can have on your liver – but what about its effect on your menstrual health?

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