Mr Mark Jonathan Farrar

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Mr Mark Farrar is a General Orthopaedic Surgeon with Special Interests in Lower Limb Surgery, including Foot and Ankle Surgery and Complex Trauma Problems.

Mr Mark Farrar graduated from Queen’s University, Belfast in 1986 and completed his basic surgical training through the Royal Army Medical Corps during a 5 year short service commission. He was appointed to Poole Hospital and Bournemouth Hospital in 2000 after completing his higher specialist training in orthopaedic surgery in the Yorkshire rotation.

Mr Farrar has special skills in treatment of all disorders of the foot and ankle. Bunion Surgery / Hallux Valgus. Hallux Rigidus and arthritis affecting the foot and ankle. Sports injuries of the foot and ankle. Arthroscopic surgical techniques including ankle fusion. Ankle replacement and toe joint replacement. Surgical correction of Flat Feet. Reconstruction of disorders and ruptures of the major foot and ankle tendons, Achilles Tendon / Tibialis Posterior Tendon. Ankle Ligament Reconstruction. Foot and ankle deformity of all degrees of severity. Rheumatiod Arthritis of the foot and ankle. He can also offer Shockwave Therapy for Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow, Patella Tendonitis and Trochanteric Bursitis. Mark is interested in Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) for Bunions and intends to start to offer this surgery during 2012.

Mark has skills in hip and knee surgery including hip replacement, knee replacement and knee arthroscopy. He has special skills in treatment of all complex trauma problems in both lower and upper limbs including non-union, delayed union and infection. He can lengthen legs and correct limb deformity using the Ilizarov Technique.

Mark has a yearly appraisal by an independent medical appraiser in Poole Hospital. He a regularly undergoes Continuous Professional Development (CPD) as required by the Royal College of Surgeons and the General Medical Council. He keeps an anonymous Log Book of all his surgical procedures where details of any complications or unusual features of cases are recorded.

Mark is the Chief Investigator for the Ankle Injury Management Trial (AIM Trial) at Poole Hospital looking to identify the best treatment for ankle fractures in the elderly. He is a member of the national group of Surgeons studying the Assessment of Effectiveness of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy for Soft Tissue Injuries (ASSERT Group).

Professional Membership

  • BOA

  • BTS

  • BCRS

Clinical Interests

  • Trauma

  • Lower limb

  • Foot

  • Limb reconstruction

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