Mr Stephen Hewitt

Consultant Podiatric Surgeon

BSc Podiatric Medicine, MSc/Diploma Clinical Biomechanics, Fellowship Podiatric Surgery, MSC Podiatric Surgery

Clinical Interests

  • Podiatric surgery
  • Foot surgery
  • Flat Foot and Charcot foot reconstruction
  • Ankle and lower limb sports injuries
  • Hallux valgus, Rigidus, Neuroma, Midfoot

Professional Memberships

  • American College Foot & Ankle Surgeons (affiliate)
  • Faculty Podiatric Surgeons
  • Health Professions Council (HCPC)

Personal profile

Mr Stephen Hewitt is a Consultant Podiatric Surgeon in foot and ankle surgery. He provides specialist operative and non-operative treatments (guided joint & tendon injections) of various conditions of the lower limb foot & Ankle. He uses the latest digital radiography, CT; MRI and Dynamic Ultrasound and in concert with his colleagues uses electromyography and nerve conduction studies if required.

He treats all aspects of foot and ankle pathologies including corrective surgery for hallux valgus (Bunion); 1st hallux (osteoarthritis) joint fusion or replacements; lesser toe deformities; forefoot / metatarsal realignment/ fracture repairs; mid-rearfoot osteoarthritis with bone grafting; Haglund calcaneal (heel bump) deformity; pes planus flat foot reconstruction; Tendinopathies; (Prolotherapy, high volume injections) Ligament injuries & repair; Achilles- Posterior tibialis - peroneal tendon repairs – transfers & re-grooving; Sports / running injuries;  Regenerative Injections such as Hyaluronic acid (Ostenil – Durolane); Platelet rich plasma. Steroid injections all via Image guidance if required, Gait and bio-mechanical analysis; Splints, Bracing, Orthoses provision

Mr Hewitt gained extensive experience in foot and ankle surgery, whilst working in the Great Western Hospital Swindon and The West Middlesex University hospital London, which culminated in being awarded the Osteotec scholarship extending his scope of surgical practice at the Kaiser Permanente hospital in San Francisco and orthopaedic colleagues in Lübeck Germany.

He has also worked at Al Hada military hospital Saudi Arabia; Nij Smellighe hospital in Holland. These were invaluable experiences gaining significant exposure in both conservative treatments and complex foot and ankle surgery, which underpins his practice today.

Mr Hewitt undertakes foot and ankle procedures, which are performed predominantly on a day case basis under either local or general anaesthetic and inpatient hospital stay can be arranged if required. Recent independent audits have demonstrated high patient satisfaction rates 94.4% for a variety of common foot and ankle procedures. Stephen continues to lecture at both national and international conferences and has authored a number of research articles in peer reviewed international surgical journals.

His under-graduate thesis, in the management and treatment of lower limb injuries in professional football players, saw him attend Arsenal and Crystal Palace football clubs and the original national training centre at Lilleshall Shropshire.

His Master of Science thesis identified certain underlying medical health and smoking disorders had an enormous impact on increasing bone healing times & non-union rates.

Areas of interest

Forefoot: Complex hammer toe deformities with tendon transfers, Plantar plate repair, Syndactylisation, Frieberg’s infarction, Metatarsal realignment (Bradydactily) Short toe/ Fracture repair.

Hallux: Bunion (hallux valgus) correction, osteoarthritis (hallux rigidus /limitus) joint fusion or replacements or decompression

Mid foot: Lisfranc injuries, osteoarthritis bump removal or fusion with graft

Rearfoot:  Tendinopathies; (Prolotherapy, high volume injections) Ligament injuries & repair; Posterior tibialis - peroneal tendon repairs – transfers & re-grooving; Sports / running injuries;  Haglunds /Achilles insertional tendinopathy.

Injections: Joint and soft tissue Regenerative eg: Hyaluronic acid (Ostenil – Durolane); Platelet rich plasma. Steroid injections all via Image guidance,

Gait and bio-mechanical analysis; Bracing, Splinting, Orthoses.

Year qualified: