Mr Vijay Vithal Jadhav

Personal profile

Mr Jadhav has gained considerable experience by working in various branches of surgery during last 22 years in India, Papua New Guinea, Australia and U.K. He has done most of the common minor and major surgical operations independently.

Mr Jadhav is working as a Consultant in GEH for the last 2 years successfully as a General and Colorectal surgeon. He performs complex colorectal surgeries like ileoanal and colon pouch surgery, PPH (Stapled Anopexy), STARR, basic laparoscopic surgery and major colorectal laparoscopic procedures. As a general surgeon he performs routine hernia surgeries and Gall bladder surgeries.

  • Accredited Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgeon

  • Accredited Screening Colonoscopist

  • Endoscopy Training Lead

  • Member of Medical Advisory Committee

  • Member of Endoscopy User Committee

  • Member of Local Negotiating Committee

  • Member of Equal Opportunities Committee

  • Member of Arden Cancer Network for Colorectal NSSG

  • Member of Associate Specialist Discretionary Points AwardsCommittee

  • Audit Lead for Surgical Department, GEH

  • Clinical Trials Lead at GEH for Arden Cancer Network

  • Member of LNR deanery Surgical SpR training Committee

  • Educational Supervisor of SpRs posted at GEH from LNR deanery

  • Assinged Educational Supervisor for ST1, FY2 for West Midlands Deanery

  • Assigned Educational Supervisor of FY1 for Warwick Medical School

  • Senior Training Partner of Medical Students in their Final Surgical Block

  • Examiner of ICE and FPE of Medical Students of Warwick Medical School

  • Faculty Member of the Warwick Hospital/ RCS of England Basic Surgical Skills Course

  • Faculty Member of St Georges Endoscopy Training Unit for Basic Colonoscopy Skills Course

Professional Membership

  • GMC

  • BMA

  • MDU



  • ESCP

  • ALS

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