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Coronavirus (Covid-19) FAQs

Our hospitals remain open for existing and new appointments alongside supporting the NHS during the pandemic. 

We continue to provide virtual and face-to-face outpatient consultations, diagnostic tests and surgical and non-surgical treatments.

If you have an existing appointment, please assume it is going ahead, unless we contact you.

To find out how to book, or reschedule a previous appointment, please call our Customer Enquiry Centre on 0808 163 1268.

The government guidance remains that you can travel for the purposes of healthcare. We continue to offer both face-to-face and virtual appointments if you would prefer to not travel or are unable to travel.

Please do not attend one of our hospitals if you're experiencing COVID symptoms, have tested positive and are isolating or you or a family member have been advised to self-isolate.

To book an initial consultation with a specialist Consultant, please call our Customer Enquiry Centre on 0808 163 1268. We continue to offer face-to-face appointments along with video and telephone appointments

We are able to offer virtual consultations with Consultants, private GPs and physiotherapists via telephone and video.

A virtual consultation supports patients, and the coronavirus response, in a number of ways. The risk of transmission is reduced as patients don't need to travel into hospital for their initial conversation with their clinician. A virtual consultation also enables clinicians to speak to patients who are unable to travel to hospital, for example those in at risk groups, in self-isolation or those with travel difficulties.

To arrange your consultation please call our Customer Enquiry Centre:

  • Private Consultations - 0808 231 6316
  • Private GP - 0808 163 1818
  • Physiotherapy - 0808 271 3710

Visit our virtual consultations page for more information.

Friends or family can only visit in exceptional circumstances. 

If you need to be accompanied by a companion or visitor, please speak to a member of our team.

All children or young person consultations can be accompanied by one parent or carer.

Please discuss your individual circumstances with your Consultant specialist.

To enquire about, or rebook, your cancelled procedure please call your hospital.

Yes, you can as many of our hospitals offer private GP services. Please call our Customer Enquiry Centre on 0808 163 1818.

BMI Healthcare customers can also access a video GP consultation with our partner Livi at the exclusive price of £20.

Visit Livi Virtual GP for more information

BMI Healthcare can offer remote consultations with physiotherapists via telephone and video.

Visit our physiotherapy page for more information.

Health Assessments are deemed to be an essential healthcare service and are therefore allowed to continue.

However, due to the current demands on the healthcare system, we are offering a reduced service at a limited number of sites.

Please call our Customer Enquiry Centre on 0800 004 600 for more information or to book an appointment.

Visitors are only permitted in exceptional circumstances.

We are aligned with the NHS approach and in exceptional circumstances visitors will be allowed if:

  • The patient you wish to visit is receiving end-of-life care
  • You are a parent or appropriate adult visiting your child

Please discuss your needs directly with the hospital team managing your care.

If you are being admitted for an operation or procedure you will be asked to self-isolate for an appropriate period and undergo a COVID-19 test prior to your admission.

You will need to do this even if you have had the COVID vaccine.

If you have received the COVID vaccine please discuss the date of vaccination and surgery with your consultant.

You will need to continue to follow the rules regarding social distancing, wearing a face mask and hand hygiene.

You will still be required to self-isolate and have a COVID swab prior to surgery even if you have had the COVID vaccine.

No, the vaccination programme is being managed by the NHS.

For more information about the vaccination programmes in England, Scotland and Wales, please visit

General Enquiries