Guildford Orthopaedic Service

At BMI Mount Alvernia our orthopaedic consultants provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for a range of musculoskeletal conditions.

Our aim for all our patients is to provide a quick diagnosis, offer appropriate treatment and ensure the most effective recovery. With us, you can be assured that you'll receive a high level of care and individualised treatment from our dedicated team of healthcare professionals.

Watch how hip replacement surgery has allowed one of our patients, Katie Corrie, to go back to work, take up horse riding and more:

We have an experienced team of physiotherapists who support our consultants and will work with you to help maximise your recovery. They will recommend specific exercises to help you get back to full functionally after surgery.

Orthopaedic support teams

The support teams at BMI Mount Alvernia include sports therapy, pathology, pharmacy and diagnostic imaging including MRI. Our radiographers are fully qualified and our consultants are supported by team of resident medical officers providing cover 24 hours a day.

At BMI Mount Alvernia, our orthopaedic consultants are supported by modern scanning equipment to determine the most appropriate t course of personalised care and treatment for a patient's condition.

Hip Surgery in Guildford

Our orthopaedic surgeons offer a range of hip surgeries for conditions relating to the hip joint. Common surgeries we provide include hip replacement surgery and hip arthroscopy.

Hip Replacement Surgery

A total hip replacement may be recommended when non-surgical methods have no longer work and if your hip pain is affecting your everyday life. A successful hip replacement can help to relieve you of painful symptoms.

Hip Arthroscopy

A hip arthroscopy, also known as keyhole surgery, can be performed to help diagnose and treat a range of hip problems. The procedure involves inserting a tiny camera into the hip which allows your surgeon to see inside the hip joint.

Private Knee Surgery

From knee replacement surgery to knee arthroscopy and ACL reconstruction, our orthopaedic surgeons offer a range of knee surgeries to help treat a range of conditions.