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Your skin concerns treated rapidly

The skin is the largest organ in our bodies, and as such the health of our skin has a huge impact on our overall health and wellbeing. Damage to our skin can occur through a number of means, including: 

  • Allergens
  • Irritants
  • Ultraviolet radiation
  • Disease
  • Injury
  • Stress
  • Genetic factors / family history 

Skin concerns can quickly knock your self-confidence and even cause embarrassment, especially when they affect your face, such as acne, rashes, or other ‘lumps and bumps’. 

Symptoms and conditions affecting your skin will need expert care from dermatologists, who specialise in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of conditions affecting the skin, hair, and nails. By providing a rapid, accurate diagnosis as well as appropriate management, your dermatologist will help you keep your symptoms under control going forward.

For any concerns about visible rashes, lesions or other skin conditions, you’ll want to see one of our experienced dermatologists at BMI The Chaucer, where they can offer you a rapid assessment and timely treatment. 

At BMI The Chaucer, our Consultant Dermatologists treat the whole range of skin conditions. Whether you have a constant, itchy rash, or you’re concerned about a change in size, shape, or colour of a mole, why not book an appointment with us? Consultant-led private appointments for dermatological conditions are available at your convenience for adults based in North-East Kent, Sussex, and the surrounding areas. 

Skin conditions commonly seen and treated by our specialists at BMI The Chaucer include: 

  • Acne – usually appearing on the face, neck, and back, causing spots and oily skin 
  • Psoriasis – causing dry, red, and scaly patches of skin. Flares up and down in a cyclical pattern
  • Contact dermatitis – when certain substances come into contact with the skin, they may cause it to crack, blister or become itchy
  • Lipomas - soft, fatty lumps growing under the skin
  • Pigmentary disorders - such as vitiligo (discoloured patches of skin)
  • Eczema – causing dry and irritated skin. Tends to be a chronic (long-term) condition
  • Rosacea – an inflammatory skin condition, causing flushing around the face and neck
  • Hives (urticaria) - a raised, itchy rash on the skin. 
  • Skin cancer - one of the most common types of cancer in the world 

Our dermatologists can also investigate and treat:

  • Skin allergies 
  • Inflammatory skin diseases
  • Lumps and bumps on the skin
  • Mole abnormalities 

With a dedicated on-site pharmacy available for our patients, any topical creams or ointments for your skin concerns can be picked up during your visit free of hassle, saving you unnecessary trips elsewhere.

Whatever skin concerns you may have, our dermatologists at The Chaucer can see you for a rapid assessment and accurate diagnosis. Any necessary treatment can then be arranged promptly, making BMI The Chaucer the best choice for reliable, expert skin treatment.

BMI The Chaucer also features consultants with experience in Mohs surgery; a specialised procedure to tackle skin cancers including:

  • Basal cell carcinoma (presenting as a pink lump or scaly patch),
  • Squamous cell carcinoma (lumps that bleed easily),
  • Some forms of melanoma cancer (such as changes to moles or freckles).

This involves removal of cancerous lumps or skin lesions, and when successful also decreases the chance of skin cancer returning. Each layer of cancerous tissue is removed in stages using a scalpel, reviewed under a microscope to ensure no cancerous tissue is left behind. This highly effective form of specialised surgery can be offered on a day case basis, and your consultant will advise you if you are suitable for this treatment. 

Your dermatologist will begin an initial consultation by taking a detailed medical history, asking you to describe the symptoms you’ve been experiencing and how they have affected you. Your consultant may wish to know:

  • What symptoms have you had? 
  • When did you first notice these symptoms? 
  • Have you previously received any treatment for them? How effective were these treatments? 
  • Have these symptoms been getting worse over time?
  • How is it affecting you? Do you have any particular concerns (e.g. are you worried it may be skin cancer?)

Following this, your consultant will normally perform a physical examination of the affected area to assess any skin lesions or rashes you may have mentioned. 

Blood tests and skin swabs may be needed, and can be arranged accordingly. Allergy testing may be undertaken which help highlight the specific substances that may trigger an allergic reaction.

An explanation of any appropriate investigations will then be given to you, outlining why they are needed and what they may diagnose. Sometimes a diagnosis will already be evident, in which case your consultant may offer you options for a potential treatment plan, such as a prescription to help manage your condition. 

A biopsy may be required, and this would be arranged for a later visit, where a small sample of tissue will be taken and sent away to the laboratory for analysis, allowing diagnosis of the specific skin complaint or cancer.

Once all results are back, your consultant will offer an explanation of your condition and talk to you about treatment options. Treatments may include medication, watchful waiting, using topical creams or ointments, or a surgical procedure

Follow-up appointments with your consultant may be arranged as needed, helping to ensure your skin condition continues to be well managed. If you experience a flare-up of symptoms, or if you have any questions or concerns at any time, you can quickly and easily arrange a time to see your consultant again for help and advice. 

People come to The Chaucer for assessment and treatment of their skin conditions for a number of reasons. Some have been referred by their GP, while others have chosen to self-refer.

Many of our patients are from Canterbury itself, while others travel to us from other areas of Kent.

Regardless of how you’ve been referred to us or the distance you’ll be travelling to visit with us, at The Chaucer you will always benefit from: 

  • Access to a consultant, ASAP – Skin problems can cause discomfort and have a significant impact on everyday life, often causing embarrassment or low self-esteem. You’ll want to get help fast. With a number of leading dermatologists available, we’ll be able to book you an appointment at a time that’s convenient to you. 
  • Patient Satisfaction – In an independent survey, 97.9% of the people we treated said they were likely or highly likely to recommend BMI The Chaucer Hospital to their friends and family. We continue to focus on delivering the highest level of care for everyone who visits us for dermatological treatment. 
  • Bespoke treatment – Your consultant will ensure you receive the optimal treatment for your particular condition. You will see the same consultant each time you visit, ensuring excellent continuity of care.
  • Remote consultations available – Consultations are routinely carried out in person at The Chaucer, but we are able to offer remote consultations via telephone or online video call if needed and where clinically appropriate.
  • Multidisciplinary team: Your consultant is supported by a number of other healthcare professionals including general surgeons, physiotherapists, nurses, occupational therapists and radiologists.
  • Location – Located on the southern outskirts of Canterbury, around two miles from the centre and sitting next to the Kent and Canterbury Hospital, it’s easy to travel to The Chaucer. Our (paid) car park with 124 spaces makes parking simple. 

Whether you live in Canterbury itself or will be travelling from further afield, please contact us today to arrange your visit with us. We look forward to helping you.  

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BMI The Chaucer Hospital

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