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If you live in Droitwich Spa, Worcester or Bromsgrove, BMI The Droitwich Spa Hospital offers a variety of private dermatological treatments.

Most of our private treatments are performed in our minor operations rooms, situated in the outpatient department. We treat both self-pay and privately insured patients and we provide quick access to appointments with a private consultant dermatologist.

Our private dermatologists see patients with various skin conditions that affect both the face and body. We offer a range of private treatments that help to treat the following conditions:

  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Acne
  • Dermatitis
  • Skin cancer screening
  • Scars
  • Lipomas
  • Skin lesion removal

Private Skin Lesion Removal in Droitwich

Skin lesion removal relates to the removal of moles, cysts, warts and skin tags. Procedures such as skin tag removal can often be performed in an outpatient treatment room under a local anaesthetic. Skin lesions can be removed in a variety of ways, either by being cut out, being frozen, removed with laser or treated with medication.

Private Skin Biopsy in Droitwich

When a skin lesion is removed, a skin biopsy is usually taken to check for any specific dermatological diseases such as skin cancer, infection, or other skin disorders. A skin biopsy involves having a small sample of skin removed, which is then scientifically tested. Skin biopsies have been able to diagnose a number of malignant and benign conditions.

Private Mole Removal in Droitwich

A mole removal procedure may be necessary if a doctor or dermatologist believes the mole to be potentially cancerous. Alternatively, you can opt to have a mole(s) removed from the face or body for cosmetic reasons. The mole is usually cut out and then the skin is stitched closed – local anaesthetic is applied pre-treatment to numb the area.

At Droitwich Spa hospital in Droitwich we offer the following private treatments relating to Dermatology:

  • General dermatology for adults
  • Treatment for eczema, psoriasis, acne
  • Skin cancer screening/ management

Payment Options

Accessing private healthcare is easy, whether you choose to pay directly or use private medical insurance.

If you are paying for yourself, we can usually offer an upfront cost which you can then choose to pay in full or access one of our easy payment options.

If you have insurance, we can arrange direct settlement with your insurance provider, although you should check in advance to see if your treatment is covered. For more information, visit our private medical insurance page.

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