physioPhysiotherapy at BMI The Runnymede Hospital offers you a personalised service with an initial assessment of your condition, allowing treatment techniques to be tailored to your goals and objectives. All of our physiotherapists are registered with the HCPC (Health Care Professions Council) and CSP (Chartered Society of Physiotherapy) and work closely as part of an integrated multi-disciplinary team within our hospital. This allows patients to benefit from prompt referrals with rapid access to imaging technology to accurately diagnose and aid treatment pathways.

Specialist Services offered at BMI The Runnymede Hospital include:

  • Manual therapy techniques
  • Musculoskeletal & sports specific rehabilitation
  • Sports massage therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Pilates
  • Post–operative rehabilitation
  • Electrotherapy
  • Circuit & plyometric training 


The Runnymede Hospital physiotherapy department is comprised of four rooms, a gym and an additional private room, allowing privacy when this is required.

physio teamPhysiotherapy team

The purpose-built physio-gym at The Runnymede Hospital allows our physiotherapists to work with you to provide expert advice, developing exercise programmes to meet your specific needs. Exercise forms an important part of physiotherapy. The aim is to increase mobility, muscle strength, and general fitness, build core stability, and reduce symptoms.

Our gym includes:

  • A bike
  • A treadmill
  • Specialist rehabilitation equipment, such as:
    • Wobble cushions
    • Bosu ball
    • Weights
    • Dumbbells
    • Strengthening band
    • Trampoline
    • Parallel Bars

Opening times:

  • Monday to Thursday: 8:00am – 8:00pm


Physiotherapy may be covered by your medical insurance, please ensure you check your cover thoroughly prior to booking an appointment. It is possible you will need a GP referral but patients are also able to self-refer. Alternatively, you can pay for your treatment by cash, debit or credit card. Initial appointments can last up to 1 hour depending on your cover, with follow-up appointments usually lasting around 30 minutes. Self-pay pricing is currently at £65 for the 45 minutes initial appointment and £40 for a 30 minute follow-up.

You can book directly with your physiotherapist or ask your GP to refer you.

To book an appointment or find out more information please call us on 01932 877816 or make an online enquiry here.