Sheffield Foot and Ankle Clinic at BMI Thornbury Hospital

BMI Thornbury Hospital in Sheffield proudly offers an experienced multidisciplinary service in foot and ankle conditions.

A comprehensive range of expertise including foot and ankle imaging, biomechanical assessment, orthotic provision and physiotherapy rehabilitation is available in the clinic.

Each of these disciplines works alongside our surgeons, all of whom are medically qualified, experienced in foot and ankle surgery and hold substantive NHS appointments, to provide a complete foot and ankle service.

Patients will experience fast and direct access to high quality care receiving a prompt diagnosis with an individually tailored treatment plan. All specialist imaging - ultrasound, radiography (X-ray) including diagnostic injections and MRI scanning - is carried out on site and wherever possible, at the same visit. Pressure studies and gait analyses are performed off site by experienced NHS staff with whom the surgical team has been working for many years.

Surgery is performed in laminar flow theatres using contemporary techniques and dedicated equipment. We are pleased to work with Consultant anaesthetists familiar with regional nerve blocks aimed at providing patients with a comfortable postoperative experience.

Patients will benefit from:

  • Experienced clinicians
  • Thorough assessment
  • Appropriate investigations
  • Prompt diagnosis
  • Individualised treatment plan with or without surgery
  • Modern techniques and equipment
  • Expert post-operative rehabilitation

The service includes:

For further information on the Sheffield Foot and Ankle Clinic at BMI Thornbury Hospital in Sheffield, please call 0808 101 0337 or you can make an online enquiry