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NAVIO™ robotics-assisted knee surgery at BMI The Highfield Hospital

BMI The Highfield Hospital is now offering robotics-assisted knee surgery using the Smith & Nephew NAVIO™ Surgical System.

The NAVIO Surgical System aids the surgeon in planning and executing your knee replacement surgery, while potentially improving recovery times. You could be back to normal activities, including sports, as much as six months faster than with traditional surgery1.

The NAVIO™ system allows our surgeons to operate with even greater precision, allowing for a more bespoke approach.2 This can mean less pain, a more natural feeling knee, and a quicker recovery process.3 The technology also bypasses the need for a CT scan.4

If you are considering full or partial knee replacement surgery, the NAVIO™ surgical system may be the most appropriate choice for you.

An advancement for orthopaedic surgeons

The NAVIO™ system is an advancement in the way orthopaedic surgeons perform partial and total knee replacements.

The system comprises a surgical planning, navigation and intra-operative visualisation system combined with a hand-held smart instrument for bone sculpting.

Every NAVIO™ procedure has an individual plan based on each patient’s unique anatomy. The system works in conjunction with the surgeon’s skilled hands to achieve precise positioning of components during surgery.

The system establishes boundaries for the robotic hand piece by collecting information unique to your knee, allowing the surgeon to balance your joint and position each component with great precision.

This level of accuracy can help improve the function, feel and potential longevity of your knee implant.5

Advanced control, increased precision

The NAVIO™ system uses an advanced computer program that relays precise information about your knee to a robotics-assisted hand piece used by the surgeon during the procedure.

The technology accurately maps your cartilage and bone without the need for a CT scan.4 This allows your surgeon to create a precise and personalised plan for the operation.

A hand-held robotic device facilitates greater accuracy in both bone removal and implant placement. The system works in tandem with our surgeons and encourages even greater accuracy and precision. 6

1. Image-free registration

A 3D model of your cartilage and bone is captured through direct surface mapping, eliminating the need for a CT scan.

2. Patient-specific planning

3D implant planning provides confidence in sizing, placement and resection depth.

For total and partial knee replacements, patient-specific planning allows the surgeon to place implant components virtually and predict post-operative joint mobility at the time of surgery without being locked into a plan before verifying the severity of the disease.7

Soft tissue balancing can be viewed throughout the full range of motion.

3. Robotics-assisted bone preparation

NAVIO™ hand-held burring technology removes only the bone identified in the surgical plan.

Bone removal is seen on the NAVIO™ screen in real-time allowing the surgeon to continually assess your anatomy against the plan.

Measured advantages

There are various benefits to robotics-assisted knee replacements. These include:

3D Modelling

Robotics-assisted knee replacements use a 3D model of your cartilage and bone, captured through direct surface mapping, eliminating the need for a CT scan.4

Greater precision and accuracy

The NAVIO™ system allows the surgeon to tailor the procedure more precisely to your anatomy, allowing for even greater accuracy than traditional methods. This means that there is a lower chance of needing another operation in the future.5

A more natural-feeling knee

This technology allows surgeons to offer partial rather than full knee replacements in more instances. Compared to full knee replacements, partial replacements can mean less pain and a more natural-feeling joint.1

Faster recovery time

Evidence suggests that patients undergoing NAVIO™ robotics-assisted knee replacement surgery were able to return to playing sports an average of six months earlier than those undergoing traditional surgery.1


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