Hip debridement surgery to correct abnormality in the hip joint

What is hip debridement surgery?

Hip debridement surgery offers the correction of an abnormality in the hip joint where there may be excessive bone or abnormal tissue present, which are often associated with potential soft tissue lesions of the hip joint itself.

How does hip debridement surgery work?

Hip debridement surgery is performed through a limited incision with an approach into the hip joint, where the abnormal area is removed, and any torn structures may also be potentially repaired.

What will happen during my hip debridement?

When you meet with your consultant surgeon they'll ensure that you have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your hip debridement, they'll discuss with you what'll happen before, during and after the procedure and any pain you might have. Take this time with your consultant surgeon to ensure your mind is put at rest.

What are the benefits?

Significant pain improvement and return to function, associated with potential long-term reduction of the development of osteoarthritis of the hip.

How safe is the treatment?

Hip debridement surgery is now widely performed in the United Kingdom, with a standard series of risks, which are quoted to the patient. The procedure is not experimental. The treatment is of a medium order of risk as associated with all hip procedures of a significant magnitude.

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