Revision Knee Replacement

What is revision knee replacement?

Revision knee replacement involves replacing the previous knee replacement with a new one. Although primary total knee replacement surgery offers good results for patients, it is likely that after 15-20 years a revision knee replacement surgery will be required. 

There are various reasons why a knee replacement needs to be revised by the consultant orthopaedic surgeon, which include: 

  • Infection
  • Wear of plastic component
  • Aseptic loosening 
  • Instability 

What will happen during my revision knee replacement consultation?

When you meet with your consultant surgeon they'll ensure that you have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your revision knee replacement. What'll happen before, during and after the procedure (and any pain you might have) will be discussed at length. 

We know that having an operation of any type can be stressful so we've created a short downloadable guide that you might find useful to print off and use to write down any questions you may have. Do take this with you to your consultation.

What will happen during my revision knee replacement surgery?

After determining with x-rays and bone scans whether a revision surgery is needed, the surgeon will undertake the procedure. It is a more complex procedure than the primary total knee replacement. The surgery involves removing of the old knee replacement components and implanting new ones. The failure of primary knee and surgery can cause loss of bone substance.

If the revision is due to an infection, the surgeon will have to do it in two stages; taking out the previous components and inserting some bone cement with antibiotics in the knee. After 6 to 8 weeks in second stage, if there is no more infection, the surgeon will remove the bone cement and place the new knee implants. If there was no infection the whole procedure can be done in one stage. This procedure can be done with help of computer navigation to align the limb properly.

What will my recovery be like?

Your recovery will likely be very similar to the recovery process you experienced with your initial knee replacement surgery. You will be recommended physiotherapy to help you with your recovery and you may also be prescribed pain medication.


Revision of knee replacement

Patient pathway Initial consultation Diagnostic investigations Main treatment Post discharge care Total
Hospital fees N/A Included £18,544 Included £18,544
Consultants fees £200 N/A Included Included £200
Total £18,744
Initial consultation
Hospital fees N/A
Consultants fees £200
Diagnostic investigations
Hospital fees Included
Consultants fees N/A
Main treatment
Hospital fees £18,544
Consultants fees Included
Post discharge care
Hospital fees Included
Consultants fees Included
Total £18,744

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