Spinal surgery

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What is spinal surgery?

Spinal surgery is a branch of orthopaedic surgery and is the treatment of spinal disorders by operative means.

What parts of the spine does spinal surgery cover?

Surgery encompasses operations on the cervical, thoracic and lumbar from both the front and back. The common conditions treated are disc prolapses causing nerve symptoms in the neck and back along with chronic neck and back pain.

What can spinal surgery involve?

Spinal surgery can involve a range of high-level assessments to deliver an accurate diagnosis. These may include an examination and assessment by a physiotherapist or specialist nurse, an MRI scan*, and a consultation with a consultant spinal surgeon or neurosurgeon. Your consultant will review your assessment and MRI scan, undertake their own assessment and explain your back pain treatment diagnosis to you.

What happens next?

If following a consultation it is considered that you do need further investigations then you can be assured that at BMI Healthcare you will be in the hands of a team of experts in this field. Your consultant will discuss all the treatment options available to you during your consultation, and will give you advice on the next steps and how to manage your condition.

If you do need further treatment, there is a full multidisciplinary team available to you within BMI hospitals, including access to some of the foremost spinal specialists in the country and leading edge technology.

Your consultant will always plan your treatment with you.

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