Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery (MISS)

What is MISS?

It is recognised that early treatment is the most practical, successful and cost-effective solution to back pain. Back pain is caused by a number of different conditions, many of which can be diagnosed and treated by our team of highly specialised consultant surgeons and physiotherapists.

Unlike conventional surgery where a considerable volume of otherwise healthy tissue is removed under general anaesthetic, endoscopic Minimal Invasive Spinal Surgery (MISS) is a 'keyhole surgery' procedure for diagnosis and treatment, carried out in a twilight state under local anaesthetic and powerful circulating pain killers and sedation. The powerful circulating pain killers control pain and permit surgical intervention, thus allowing the patient to give feedback to guide the surgeon to the source of pain. This improves success and discrete management in a way not possible under general anaesthetic.

What are the benefits?

  • Better results & greater accuracy in diagnosis and more precise treatment of the pain source leading to better results and a return to normal activities faster than conventional surgery.
  • Faster and safer – Increased safety for both patient and surgeon as the use of local anaesthetic facilitates patient feedback, which permits a more accurate diagnosis and precise surgery. It also avoids nerve damage that is more likely under general anaesthetic.
  • Fewer complications as endoscopic MISS is more selective and requires minimal intervention unlike conventional surgery.
  • Less patient trauma as blood loss in minimal.
  • Less time and costs because MISS is a ‘day case’ surgery which avoids the need for a hospital stay and patients recover more quickly.
  • MISS allows treatment for a greater variety of conditions for patients of a wider age and infirmity range unlike previously where none could be offered.

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