Rezum treatment

What is Rezum?

Rezum is a minimally invasive procedure which uses steam to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). BPH is where there is excess growth of prostate tissue which constricts and obstructs the urethra. This causes symptoms such as frequency and urgency to urinate, irregular flow, straining and getting up in the night to urinate.

How does it work?

Rezum is carried out using local anaesthetic and sedation, or in some cases under a brief general anaesthetic. The procedure is performed by a Consultant Urologist who uses a hand-held device to deliver small injections of steam through the water-pipe (urethra) into the surrounding prostate tissue. Water vapour is delivered to the prostate tissue and helps to shrink the enlarged gland by causing the obstructive prostate tissue to die. Once the extra tissue is removed, the urethra will open and symptoms should be reduced.

You will likely be in hospital for half a day and should be able to be driven home after the procedure. Normal activities can usually be returned to in a few days.

What are the benefits of Rezum?

The benefits of Rezum can include:

  • Alternative to BPH medications or surgery
  • Relief of symptoms
  • Quick to perform
  • No general anaesthesia required in the majority
  • Speedy recovery
  • It doesn’t upset the sexual function1

Is Rezum right for you?

If BPH medications aren’t right for you then Rezum may be an alternative option. Another reason Rezum may be considered is if other minimally invasive procedures have been ineffective. Your urologist will help you decide if Rezum is appropriate for you based on your individual needs.

What are the side effects?

As with any procedure, there is the possibility that temporary side effects may occur during the healing period. Side effects that can occur temporarily with Rezum include:

  • Painful urination
  • Blood in urine
  • Frequent need to urinate
  • Inability to urinate
  • Blood in semen
  • Short-term need for catheterisation

Please be aware that there are a range of other treatment options available for enlarged prostate and BPH and BMI does not endorse or recommend any particular products or treatments.


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