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Mr Benamer completed his ENT specialist training in Dublin, Ireland, July 1997; and gained further training in the UK. He adopts a modern, logical approach to diagnosis and treatment. He is a Consultant ENT Surgeon (pan-Trust) at the United Lincolnshire NHS Trust, and Honorary Lecturer at Leicester University.

Professional Memberships

  • General Medical Council
  • Irish Medical Council
  • ENT UK
  • British Society of Otology

Clinical Interests

  • General ENT presentations such as blocked or runny nose, facial pain/sinusitis need Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS), bent and twisted nose requiring nose reshaping (septoplasty/rhinoplasty), blocked ears, hearing loss, painful or discharging ear, ringing sound in ear (tinnitus) and dizziness, throat symptoms that include “feeling lump in the throat”, surgical treatment of snoring
  • Glue ears – Grommets insertions; cholesteatoma – Mastoid surgery, ear drum perforation repair – Myrinogplasty: repair of prominent ears – Pinnaplasty, ear canal infection/wax/mastoid cavity – Microsuction, widening narrow ear canals- Meatoplasty, dizziness and balance issues (Vertigo) diagnosis and treatment – e.g. Epley’s manoeuvre, and middle ear injection, Ear pressure equalization problems – Eustachian tube dysfunction
  • Nasal polyps and sinusitis – FESS/Endoscopic sinus nasal surgery; blocked nose – septoplasty and turbinate surgery, nose bleed – cauterisation and surgical repair of repeated nose bleed, nose job – rhinoplasty surgery
  • Benign head and neck surgery – investigating and removing neck lumps like lymph node biopsy and removal, branchial cyst excision, Thyroglossal cyst excision, salivary gland surgery –  submandibular, including removing stones from these glands, diagnostic procedure for head and neck cancer - Post nasal space examination and biopsy, pharyngo-laryngo-oesophagoscopy and biopsies, pharyngeal pouch surgery – Endoscopic stapling technique, Adenoid and tonsil surgery

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