Travel vaccinations

When travelling the world, it is important to protect yourself from potentially serious illnesses. Certain areas of the world, including South East Asia, Sub Saharan Africa, South America and even Europe, pose a risk for tourists, overseas workers and those moving abroad.

Travel vaccinations can provide protection against a wide range of diseases. Which vaccines you need will depend on your destination. For other illnesses, vaccines are not available and other preventive measures should be taken.

In addition to offering vaccinations, BMI Travel Clinics also offer personalised travel advice to ensure you are prepared for your holiday. We offer a comprehensive risk assessment to ensure you are given all the vaccinations you need, a record of your vaccinations and vaccination certificates if it is required for your travel destination. Our nursing staff will be happy to answer any queries you have about your health on holiday.

To make sure you are protected, book an appointment with our nurse-led service at a time that is convenient to you. For pricing information please contact the hospital directly.


BMI Travel Clinics offer a comprehensive travel clinic service/assessment and also have a full range of vaccines available. Please contact your local BMI Hospital to make any further enquiries.

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