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  • Steven

    Steven's Story - Prostate cancer

    Lincolnshire Scout Leader Steven Goulder, 52, decided to get his first prostate examination after years of nagging from his mother – only to discover he was suffering from the disease.

    "How could that happen,” said Steven. “All the leaflets I’d seen on prostate cancer showed pictures of old men – I was young - what was I doing with it?"

    Steven was operated on by Mr Dahar and Consultant Anaesthetist Dr Jatin Dedhia at BMI The Lincoln Hospital and is looking forward to… Read Steven's story in full

  • Charlotte

    Charlotte’s Story - Beast cancer

    Breast cancer sufferer Charlotte Fairhead and BMI Three Shires Hospital patient urges women to check their breasts

    Thirty-eight-year-old Charlotte, of Mawsley, Northants, says “I’m ashamed to say that I hadn’t been performing regular checks…When I started to get some pain in my right breast it made me carry out a check which led me to find a lump.”

    After receiving her breast cancer diagnosis, Charlotte urges women to not make the same mistake she did, and stresses the... Read Charlotte's story in full

  • Richard

    Richard’s Story - Bowel cancer

    A year ago, Richard White, a 70-year-old retired salesman was offered complementary aromatherapy treatments by BMI The Park Cancer Centre’s physiotherapy department and now says he wouldn’t miss a single session.

    Richard, of Hucknall, Notts, has been attending the BMI The Park Cancer Centre in Burntstump Country Park, Arnold, for the past five years after being diagnosed with bowel cancer.

    At first the idea of receiving massages as part of his treatment seemed… Read Richard's story in full

  • Sally

    Sally’s story - Blood cancer

    After 12 years battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Sally Ketteringham-Wyre, a 32-year-old-teacher  has been told by Consultant Haemato-Oncologist Dr Prem Mahendra, she is now ‘considered cured’.

    When her cancer returned following a year in remission, it was decided that Sally needed an autologous stem cell transplant – where Sally’s own blood stem cells would be used to help her recover her blood counts after high-dose chemotherapy -  and she was referred to Prem Mahendra at… Read Sally's story in full

  • Karen

    Karen’s Story - Breast cancer

    Just one month after setting a date for her wedding, Karen Cole was told she had invasive breast cancer

    By the time she walked down the aisle she had already lost her left breast and describes herself as ‘a baldie bride’ as chemotherapy treatments had taken away most of her hair.

    But, thanks to breast reconstruction specialists Anne Dancey and Ruth Waters at BMI Priory Hospital, Karen’s second mastectomy was immediately followed by an operation to give her.... Read Karen's story in full

  • Lorraine

    Lorraine’s Story - Breast cancer

    Retired casino manager, Lorraine Gilmartin, 62, is one of the first to have ‘mesh bra’ fitted in the UK

    Lorraine, a breast cancer patient form Alderley Edge, is one of the first private patients in the UK to have a TiLOOP bra implant.  She had the innovative ‘mesh bra’ surgery after a mastectomy following diagnosis of cancer in her right breast. “I chose the TiLOOP surgery so I could have more control over how my breasts looked after the operation,” Lorraine said.

    She received her treatment at BMI The Alexandra Hospital under the care of... Read Lorraine's story in full